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1950's Replica Pay Phone

This classic model replica telephone will take you back to the days of old fashioned phone booths and five-cent calls.

Drop in a coin and you'll hear the original brass jingle, and the pushbuttons even have an authentic rotary look.

Wall or desk mountable with heavy-duty ABS plastic cabinet, chrome accents, full featured coin bank with lock and key, ringer control and tone/pulse switchable.

Unlike the heavy payphone that were used in the 1950s, this is a light weight 7 pounds. The phone works with or without putting in a coin. Available in Red or Black

See Close-Up PHOTO of the push button rotary dial

Approx. Dimensions 9"w x 18 1/4"h x 6 1/2"d
Available in Black (CR-56-BK) or Red (CR-56-RE)

Price: $149.95 plus $24 shipping
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Country Kitchen Replica Wall Phone

The crank handle actually turns. This classic looking phone is similar to the one first introduced in the 1920's, but today's replica features touch-tone buttons with a rotary look.

The handcrafted wood and veneer cabinet is enhanced with brass-plated hardware and includes a recipe-style compartment.

Phone has volume controls for ringer and receiver and hold and speaker phone features.

Approx. Dimensions 12"w x 17 1/2"h x 7"d

Unlike the heavy wall phones that were used in the 1920s, this lightweight replica is under 10 pounds, making it easy to hang on a wall.

Price: $149.95 plus $24 shipping (CR-92-OA)
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Delivery: 3 - 8 days




Antique Grey Pay Station
with Brass Candlestick Telephone

Circa: 1999 - 1920s, Restored antique payphone, great decorative items

The phones sounds a different chime when you deposit a nickel, dime or quarter

The cash draw has a lock, but it is in its open position. There is no key.

The seller told me that the phone could be wired as an extension phone, but not for dialing calls.

There is wiring in the base of the candlestick, but I do not know if it is complete. The phone is therefore being sold as is. I can't guarantee that will work.

See Photo of Inside Wiring
See Photo of Cash Draw & Lock
See Photo of Coin Entry
See Photo of Candlestick Dial

Price: SOLD plus $39 shipping ($49 shipping west of Denver)
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Dexluxe Antique Phone Booth
with Antique Pay Phone

Here is a quarter sawn oak phone booth that measures approximately 43 inches in width, 39 inches in depth, and 6'8" on height. It comes apart for easier shipping and movement into your house.

The booth can be disassembled and placed on a pallet in a safe manner for transport to it's ultimate destination with assurance of a safe arrival. It will easily fit down any stairs that lead to a basement game room providing the height of the room is sufficient.

Each side is independent from the others as well as the top is independent and the flooring as well. The top rests upon the tops of the four sides and the base is made of quartersawn oak boards secured to a plywood subfloor. The actual walls are affixed by round head slotted brass wood screws.

The phone booth contains both a period pay phone and a user stool of the period. The period stool is mounted by slotted brass screws into the oak base floor. Any lighting within the phone booth can be applied subsequent to purchase and mounted to the back wall. The antique pay phone is not currently wired for use. See Close Up Photo of Antique Payphone.

Price: $7500 plus shipping.

or call 202-338-1342 (10 am - 9 pm East Coast Time)
Other Inquiries, please email: durham@GameRoomAntiques.com






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The following list of payphone highlights is excerpted from an AT&T press release.
See the
Pay Phone and Telephone Booth web site for a list of items for sale.

Hightlights in Pay Phone History

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Issued by AT&T, October 2, 1991






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