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Phone Booths

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Dexluxe Antique Phone Booth
with Antique Pay Phone

Here is a quarter sawn oak phone booth that measures approximately 43 inches in width, 39 inches in depth, and 6'8" on height. It comes apart for easier shipping and movement into your house.

The booth can be disassembled and placed on a pallet in a safe manner for transport to it's ultimate destination with assurance of a safe arrival. It will easily fit down any stairs that lead to a basement game room providing the height of the room is sufficient.

Each side is independent from the others as well as the top is independent and the flooring as well. The top rests upon the tops of the four sides and the base is made of quartersawn oak boards secured to a plywood subfloor. The actual walls are affixed by round head slotted brass wood screws.

The phone booth contains both a period pay phone and a user stool of the period. The period stool is mounted by slotted brass screws into the oak base floor. Any lighting within the phone booth can be applied subsequent to purchase and mounted to the back wall. The antique pay phone is not currently wired for use. See Close Up Photo of Antique Payphone.

Price: $6650 plus shipping.

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