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Early Wood
Five Jacks

circa: pre-1920s, appears all original inside and out, except for
back door which is probably a replacement, but lock appears old as well.

Price: Was - $1850 -
NOW $895 plus $59 shipping ($69 west of Denver)


or call 202-213-1585 (10 am - 9 pm East Coast Time)

Other Inquiries, email: durham@GameRoomAntiques.com

Was $1850
NOW $875


Cigar Trade Stimulator

circa 1894, made by Charles Maley Novelty Co.

Insert nickel, pointers spin, you then add together the numbers to which they point.

You then look at the award card to see how many cigars you won (one - ten)

Price: Was $3450
NOW $1895 plus $69 shipping ($79 west of Denver)

To Order: Send an E-mail along with your name, location and phone number
or call 202-213-1585 10 a.m - 9 p.m. East Coast time.
Be sure to include your location and phone number.

Was: $3450
NOW $1895



English Honor Box
Tobacco Vending Machine

circa 1750 - 1825, the first commercially successful vendor, first used in English taverns. Some of them made their way to the American colonies. Relatively rare

You insert an English half penny or any other coin, then push the plunger and the lid opens.

The customer was then on his honor to only take a certain amount of product and to close the lid when done.

The vendor had a handle so it could be passed around. The vendor got the name Honor Box because patron's were "honor-bound" to close the lid and thereby relatch it as he pased it on to the next patrol.

Made of brass, Very good original condition, fully working, Comes with a few English half pennies, but quarters and nickels work as well

Dimensions: 5: wide, 9" long, 7" high.

Price: Was $895
NOW $475 plus $29 shipping ($39 shipping to west of Denver)

To Order go to SECURE ORDER FORM or call 202-213-1585 (10 am - 9 pm East Coast Time)
We also accept PAYPAL - Submit Secure Order Form with request to pay via PAYPAL.

Was $895
NOW $475

Was $895
NOW - $475



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List of Manufacturers

A. C. Novelity A.B.C. Coin A.E. Associates ABCO Novelty ABT AC Acme Ad Lee American Automatic AMT Amusement Enterprises Amusement Machine Aristocrat Associated Amusements Atlas Games Atlas Indicator Atlas Manufacturing Atlas Novelty Automatic Games Automatic Machine Co. Automatic Novelty Co. B.M.Y. Novelty Baker Bakers Bally Banner Specialty Barnes Bell Bennett Berger Bertmeier Binks Blue Bird Sales Boyce Coin Bradley Brevette Briant Speciality Brunhoff Bsker Buckley Burnham Burnham and Mills Burtmier C and F Caille Calvert Canada Central Character Mfg. Chicago Mint Cie Jost Clawson Coin Machine Co. of America Coin Sales Columbia Comet Comet Industries Comstock Novelty Cooper Daval Dean Novelty Decatur Fairest Wheel Works Dependable Enterprises Drobisch Drushell Engel Esco Evans Exclusive Playing Card Exhibit Supply Fey Fey / Silver King Field Four Jacks Frank Polk Frantz Gabel Gabels Garden City Gayton Genco General Preimum Gottlieb Great Lakes Coin Great States Griswold Groetchen Gunter Hamilton Hercules Novelty Herman Warner Hillsboro Hoke Indoor Amusement Co. Iowa Jackson Jennings Jennings / Bull Durham Jennings / Fey Jennings / Pace Jennings / Roberts Jennings / Rock-Ola Jennings / Rockola Jennings / Rockola / Pace? Jennings Pace Jentzsch and Meerz JMCO Jones Junior Kalamazoo Automatic Music Kaye Keeney Kelly Kentucky Gum Kimsey Knight Novelty Lark Latimer Liberty Lion Loheide Maley Marshfield Novelty Marvel Mason and Co. Merchants Advertising Metropolitan Coin Machine Metropolitan Novelty Midland Midwest Mills Mills / Akin Mills / Baker Mills / Buckley Mills / Jennings Mills / Pace Mills / Rock-Ola Mills / Rockola Mills / Sega Mills Bell-O-Matic Mills Sheffler Mills/Sheffler Bros Monarch N. Cohn Co. Nafew National Amusement National Coin National Institute New Era Novelity Oaks Pace Pace Jennings Paces Pacific Amusement Pana Enterprise Parks Novelty Paupa and Hochriem Peerless Products Penny Ante Amusement Peo Pierce Pioneer Play Write Playtime Quality Supply Real Profits Reliance Reliance Novelty Robbins Roberts Novelty Rockola Rockola / Jennings Roll-Etto Novelty Roosevelt Royal Novelty Runyan Sales Sanders Schiemer-Yates Schultze Scientific Machine Sega Service Novelity Shall Sheffler Brothers Shelby Shipman Silver King Silver King / Rock-Ola Sittman & Pitt Skipper Sales Sloan Standard Games Star Amusement Steinmetz Stephens Stock Stone Brothers Sun Superior Twentieth Century Twico Corp. Unknown Veedco Vendet Victor Waddell Watling Webb Novelty Western Western Automatic Western Equipment Whichard White Manufacturing Co Whitlock Withey





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