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Some of you may remember when Dick Bueschel released his books on trade stimulators 15 years ago. They quickly became the number one reference book for trade stimulators. Collectors loved the format which now is the standard for Dick's collectible price guide books. Dick used this same format when he decided a few years ago to publish the new updated book Trade 2: An Illustrated Price Guide to Collectible Trade Stimulators.

A separate page is devoted to each of 100 collectible trade stimulators from the 1878 to 1950 period. The page includes a large photo of the machine and a narrative that gives you some insight into what makes the machine special. All this material is in the new book with better photos and a completely updated price guide representing the best estimates of a 8 person pricing committee.

The new part of the book could have been published as a separate book, had not Dick wanted to share the information of his earlier edition with new collectors. The best new feature is an invaluable listing of over 1000 known trade stimulator from the 1870 to 1919 period, listed by manufacturers name and date. Never before has such as listing ever been compiled.

When Dick was writing Trade 2, he shared the listing with me to check for its completeness. I was so impressed, I suggested he issue the listing separately. "No" Dick said "I want to give the people who buy Trade 2 their money's worth." And so he did!

His new forward describes the growth of trade stimulators and counter game collecting over the past decade, followed by a 20 page essay on the best techniques and experience for finding trade stimulators, with stories of some of the most interesting finds in our hobby's history.

Knowing that most collectors buy books to help them identify machines that they find, Dick has added 16 pages of illustrations from old catalog pages and spec sheets.

Trade 2 is a great book for both advanced collectors and beginner collectors. It includes such rare machines as the Mills Little Duke trade stimulator, the Caille Jockey, the Watling Draw Poker, the Bradford Lark, and the Zodiac.

On the other hand, it also include more commonly available machines such as the Daval American Eagle, the Shipman Spin-It, the Groetchen Imp, and the National Target Practice. The prices range from several hundred to $20,000 In other words, Trade 2 has something for everyone. Trade 2 is a 192 page paperback.

This book is out of print, but you may find a copy by going to the: Trade Stimulator Books

Copyright: 1996, Ken Durham




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