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Hand Carved Character Slots

  • Carved from Kiln Dried Bass Wood

  • Life size heads with realistic carved wrinkles
    Approx. Dimensions: 6' high, 24" wide, 18" deep.

  • Totally Restored Antique Slot Machine

  • Can be shipped via UPS - $165

  • Cost: $7950
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    Woodsman Character Slot in stock - Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

    Allow 4-6 months for delivery for other character slots

  • Save money by providing a slot as partial payment.

  • For more information, call 202-338-1342 (10 am -10pm east coast) or e-mail durham@GameRoomAntiques.com.
    Please let us know what city you live in and a phone number.

  • Scroll down to learn how a character slot is made and information for making a one-of-a-kind custom designed character slot.

Currently Available

Indian Chief


More Information and Photos Below

History of the
Character Slot

Character slots came into being in the early 1950s when Frank Polk carved 92 life size statues of cowboys and eastern characters to hold slot machines. As the price of an original Polk character slot machine rose beyond the reach of even the most ardent collector, a few other artists started to carve character slots in 1977.

There are probably only several hundred of the wood carved character slots in existence, and therefore, they are quite rare and hard to find. A few of them are show below and are for sale. Custom carved characters can also be made.

Since character slots are hand made, only a very small number are available at any time, most are made to order. Therefore, if you want a character slot for a gift, please call as early as possible.

Black Bart Cowboy


More Information and Photos Below

Custom Design
Your Own Character Slot

All of the character slots are hand carved and each sculpture can be made as unique as you want it to be. If a cowboy or indian chief is not unique enough, a baseball player, golfer, or even an out-of-space creature can be carved for you.

Character slots have been carved for Hollywood movie studios and numerous celebrities. The carvings have been recently featured on the Regis and kathy Lee show among the best Christmas gifts.

If you want to create your own unique character slot, call 202-338-1342 in the evening or email: durham @GameRoomAntiques.com or write: Ken Durham GameRoomAntiques 909 26 St NW, Washington, DC 20037. Please let us know what city you live in and provide us with a phone number.


Uncle Remus

More Information and Photos Below

Character Slots
Attract Alot of Attention

We know that character slots are nice to look at and fun to play, but did you realize they can also act as your personal bodyguard? Here's a story of the midwest store owner who puchased a prate slot for his backroom office. The pirate slot held a pistol in his hand rady for any shootout.

One evening a couple of robbers broke into his store and when they entered the backroom, they saw a well build character in the shadows drawing a gun. Not waiting around to get caught, they fired their pistol several times at the character and fled the store. Several bullets injured the pirate slot, but the store was saved and nothing was stolen.

How about the story of the character slot who helped people win thousands of dollars. Another store owner placed an Indian slot next to his lottery terminal. Instead of having fruit gum reel strip and a payout tube, he used a token slot with numbers on the reel strips. Prospective lottery players played the slot to get the lucky token and to help them select their lucky number.

Character slots also helped retail stores increase their business. Character slots can be made with fortune teller reel strips. These are legal for businesses in all states. The customer puts in his quarter and gets his fotune told and most businesses with the character slot in their store can't believe how their business has increaed. The character slot draws so much more attention to their store, not to mention the 100% profit when the slot is played.


Midievil Knight

More Information and Photos Below

A Unique Kind
of Investment

Character slots helped their owners profit at antique shows and at auctions. We all know gangsters from the 1930s made lots of money. One collector bought a gangster slot a few years ago and placed it in a local auction. It sold for over $12,000, more than twice it purchase price. Now that sounds like a gangster's business.

Investing in these unique hand carved figures is a good idea. Each is signed and dated and many have already become collector pieces commanding higher and higher prices. Not only are they fun, but they have the potential to keep apprciating in the future.


Baseball Player

More Information and Photos Below

Making a
Character Slot

The process of making a hand carved character slot takes a great deal of artistry and little bit of production line efficiency. It all starts with several large blocks of wood. The individual blocks are glued and pressed together to create the necessary thickness. Patterns, similar to those that are used to make a suit of clothes, are used to cut the wood into roughly shaped legs and arms.

These legs and arms are then further carved by chainsaws and chisels and sanded to create the realistic human looking model. The arms and legs even have realistic carved wrinkes in them. The legs are proportioned to the style of the slot machine selected to create added realism.

The most difficult and time consuming part is the careful carving required to create the head and face. Each head is hand carved with a full head of hair and glass eyes, if requested.

After all the body parts are carved, they are assembled together. A fully restored slot machine is placed on the legs and last, but not least, our newly created friend is dressed up in authentic buckskin, cowboy hat, headdress, or whatever is necessary to recreate the image you are trying to replicate. Genuine hand-tooled holsters are specially made for the different cowboys. As difficult and time consuming as the wood carving is, just imagine how difficult and time consuming it is to find a full Indian headdress or stitch up a buckskin outfit. The end result of these weeks of effort is a unique, truly one of a kind, collector's piece.



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