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Coin-Op on CD

last updated on 1/29/97

The following from Rodger Knutson

    Subj: C.D Book On Slot Machines

    Date: 96-11-07 19:01:22 EST

    From: jackpot7@ix.netcom.com (Rodger Knutson)

    Reply-to: jackpot7@ix.netcom.com

    To: VintSlots@aol.com (Dave Burritt)

    To; Vintage Slots of Colorado, Inc.

    I just want to tell you that your CD book on Slot Machines is incredible! To be able to view some of these rare machines actually working and operating on screen is a real treat and probably the only chance that you will get to see these rare machines operating. I also am very impressed with Joe Welch's American Antique Museum, What a collection!. I am going to buy another CD from you to place in safe keeping, this CD will be a collector's item in it's self for sure!. If you produce another CD like this, please let me know right away so I can order one before you run out! Please keep up the good work and thank you, Mr. Burritt, for a job WELL DONE!

    Rodger Knutson

    P.O. Box 55531

    Shoreline Washington 98155-5272

    (206) 364-3313

The following from Andy Oakland (keeper of the FAQ for rec.games.pinball)

    Well, I'm impressed! You've got a tremendous amount of information there, and I really like the multi-media aspects of the disc. It's great to be able look at pictures of all these arcade and vending machines I only know by name!

    A few things I especially liked -

    The AVI's of the automatons and 1940's-vintage machines! These were great! I was first aghast at the "Poison this Rat" and "Kill the Jap" games (if I've got the names right) ... Then I saw them in play, and couldn't believe how silly they looked as the heads tilted back and forth!

    I like the way you've got the machines broken up into different categories...I've always wondered just _what_'s included in the category "Trade Stimulator!"

    I haven't had a chance yet to read the substantial articles by Dick Bueschel, but I'm looking forward to it! You're really done a great job of pulling together lots of information.

The following from Will Naber (North Bend WA):

    I just wanted to give you some feedback on your Coin Op CD. The color pictures are excellent. None of my existing reference books contain anywhere near as many color photographs as your CD, let alone videos, articles, updated prices and lists of local contacts!!! This CD is very impressive.

    I just wish I had it a month ago. I recently located what I thought was a very valuable slot machine. Based on the pictures in my books, the slot looked to be an original. So I purchased it at 1/3 of market value thinking I made the buy of a lifetime. I eventually sent some pictures to another collector only to find out that the machine is a reproduction. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed and out several thousand dollars. A few weeks later, while browsing your CD, I found several high quality color pictures of an original. From the pictures I could easily determine that the slot I purchased was a reproduction. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. I will definitely use your CD as a reference before making any more purchases.

    Date: 97-01-27 09:48:30 EST

    From: A5CNTPOP

    To: VintSlots

    In my opinion everyone with a computer should have this CD it has great rare machines to look at and "hear", it also is a great research tool !

    The look up feature is very easy to use and saves lots of time everything is just a mouse click away !

    People will get back the purchase price on the first great deal that they didn't let get away !

    Thanks again for the great CD

    Dave Harter


This CD is OUT OF PRINT and is no longer available


We will post more comments as they are received.





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