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List of Photos on the CD-Rom on Coin Machines

The following is a listing of ALL the machines contained in the CD (99% of them include a color picture). Scroll down to the Secure Order Form. A C Novelty Multibell A. J. Stephens Beer Barrel Acme Roulette Action Baseball Ad-Lee King's Horses Almy Mfg'd Co. Advertiser with Regina Music Box. American Automatic Machine Co. Automatic Dicer Atlas Tilt Test Automatic Machine & Tool "The Fox" Automatic Novelty Co., The Striking Clock Baffle Ball (5 balls for a penny) Baffle Ball (10 balls for a penny) Baffle Ball Sr. Baker Pick a Pack (dicer) Baker Novelty Kicker and Catcher Bakers Races Bally Clover Bell Bally Double Bell Bally Gas Pump Bally "Hi Hand" Bally Triple Bell Banner Leader Berger (White) Oom-Paul Bigshot Boyce "Over The Top" Brandt's Magic Clock "12 Win" Brevette Counter Top Roulette Trade Stimulator Buckley Bones Buckley Dollar slot machine, Buddy "A" Bowling Burnham|Burnham Gum Vendor~ OK Gum Vendor Burtmier Pony C & F Baby Grand Caille 4 for 1 Caille 45 Caille Aristocrat Caille Banker Caille Baseball Caille Ben Hur Caille Big Six Caille Big Six(Floor Wheel) Caille Big Six (Counter Drum) Caille Black Cat Caille Bon-Ton Caille Bull Frog Caille Busy Bee Caille Centaur Caille Club Bell Caille Doughboy Caille Eclipse Caille Globe Caille Good Luck Caille Gum Vendor with Music Caille Hy-Lo Caille Jr. Caille Merchant Caille New Century Detroit Caille New Century Puck Caille Operator Bell Deluxe Caille Our Baby Caille Peerless Floor Model Roulette Caille Puck Caille Quintette Caille Silver Cup Caille Superior Caille Tiger Caille Tourist Caille Triplet Caille Victory (Center Pull) Caille Wasp Caille/Watling Big Six Canda's Poker game Chicago Coin Band Box --> Close up of Band Box Chicago Coin Basketball Champ Chicago Coin Big League Chicago Coin Criss Cross Hockey Chicago Coin Fighting Irish Chicago Coin Goalee --> Playfield Chicago Coin Kicker Chicago Coin Midget Skee Ball Chicago Coin Pop-Up --> Playfield --> Back Glass Chicago Coin Super Home Run --> Back Glass --> Playfield Chicago Coin TV-Baseball Chicago Coin Yankee Baseball --> Playfield --> Head Coca-Cola Vender Clawson Automatic Dice Machine Clawson Coin Flip Climax cast iron candy/peanut candy/peanut vending machine Clown-N-Up Clownin Columbia Eagle Coochee-Coochee Cooper Counter Vendor Cowper Cracker Jack Cowper The Mascot Daval Best Hand Decauter Fairest Wheel Domino "Domino" Doraldina's Rock-It Dunn Brothers "You Can't Lose" "Electric Nerve & Muscle Massage" Evans Races Evans Roulette Evans Ten Strike Evans & Co. King of the Turf --> Playfield Exhibit Ask Me Another Exhibit Oracle Exhibit Supply Little Gypsy Exhibit Supply Mauser Dale Gun Exhibit Supply Silver Bullets --> Head Exhibit Supply Skill Draw Poker Fey Dollar Fey Draw Poker Fey Duo Fey Liberty Bell Field Play The Field Five Jacks Four Jacks Frank Mills Jockey Frantz "The New Frontier" Shooting Gallery Freund Tric-It Gabel Niagra Genco Baseball --> Playfield --> Back Glass Genco Football Genco GI Joe --> Back Glass --> Playfield Genco Golden Nugget Genco Gypsy Grandma Fortune Telling Machine Genco Jumpin Jacks Genco South Paw --> Playfield Genco Tri Score --> Playfield Genco Triple Action --> Back Glass--> Playfield Genco Two Player Basketball General Merchandise Smilin Sam From Alabam Groetchen Columbia Groetchen Dice-O-Matic Groetchen Imp Groetchen Mercury Groetchen Pikes Peak Groetchen Poison the Rat Groetchen Pok-O-Reel Hamilton Safety Matches Happy Home arcade machine. Hoke Snakes Free Play Imp Two Reeler Jennings Automatic Counter Mint Vender Jennings Bank Chief Jennings Black Cat Jennings Card Machine Jennings Challenger Jennings Chief (Hunting Scene) Jennings Club Chief Jennings Club Special Jennings Console Chief Jennings Derby Jennings Derby Special Jennings Dixie Bell Jennings Duchess Jennings Dutch Boy Jennings Dutch Boy Operator Bell Jennings Little Duke Jennings Long Shot Jennings Mint Vender Jennings Mints of Quality Jennings Operator Bell Jennings Peacock Jennings Prospector Jennings Prosperity Chief Jennings Rainbow Jennings Rockaway Jennings Sky Chief Jennings Sportsman Jennings Standard Chief Jennings Star Chief Jennings Sun Chief Jennings Target Practice Jennings Telephone Music Jennings The Target Jennings Triplex Jennings Victoria Silent (Peacock) Jennings Witch Keane Novelty "Square Deal" Keeney Scramball Keeney Super Bell Keeney Ten Pins Kelly GumTrade stimulator Kick-Back L. E. Cowper The Mascot Leo Canda's Automatic Card Card Machine Lindstroms Gold Star Little Whirl-Wind Lone Star Los Angeles Sun Vender Lucky 7 Madorsky Lindy Striker Miller Novelty Little Dream Miller Novelty Little Dream (Coin Flip) Mills "Duplex" Mills 777 Mills Automatic Gum Vender Mills Baseball Mills Ben Franklin Mills Big Six Mills Black Cherry Mills Brown Front Mills Brownie Mills Bursting Cherry Mills Castle Front Mills Century Bell Mills Century Grand Poker Machine Mills Check Boy Mills Cherry Bell Mills Chevron Mills Chicago Mills Commercial Mills Counter OK Mills Crap Shooter Mills Cricket Mills Dewey Mills Dewey Jackpot Mills Dice Mills Double Dewey Mills Draw Poker Mills Electricity Electricity is Life Mills Elk Mills Extraordinary Mills Firebird Mills Front OK (FOK) Mills Front OK Jackpot Vendor Mills Futurity Mills Gold Award Castle Front Mills Golden Falls Mills Golf Ball Mills Golf Ball Console Mills Handload (Black Front) Mills Hash Mark Mills Hi Boy Jukebox. Mills Hightop Bonus Mills Hightops Mills Jackpot Mills Jackpot "Torch" Mills Jackpot Vendor Mills Jewel Mills Jockey Mills Junior Silent Mills Liberty Bell Mills Lions Head Mills Little Perfection Mills Melon Bell (Bursting Cherry) Mills Melon Front Mills Monte Carlo Mills Mystery Mills New Target Practice Mills OK Gum Vender Mills On The Square Mills Operator Bell Mills Owl Mills Owl with music Mills Owl Jr. Mills Page Boy Mills Panorama Mills Poinsettia Mills Puritan Bell Mills QT Mills Roman Head (Silent Golden) Mills Roulette Mills Scarab Mills Silent Mills Silent FOK Mills Silent Gooseneck Mills The Trader Mills Token Bell Mills Umpire Mills Upright Perfection Mills Virtuosa Virtuosa Mills War Eagle Mills Wizard Fortune Teller Mills Wolfs Head Mills Your Next Mills 1 Cent Scale Mutoscope "Rich Man's" Play Thing Mutoscope KO Champ National Smokes Negro Ball Ball New England Test Your Strength Novelty Merchantman Crane Pace All Star Comet Pace All Star Comet Gold Award Pace Bantam Pace Fancy Front Comet Pace Kitty Pace Mills Revamp Pace Rocket Pace Royal Comet Pace Royal Comet Double Pace Slug Rejector Bell Pace Three Jacks Pace Boop A Doop Pace Royal Double Pacific Indoor Striker Park Novelty Red Bird Paupa & Hochriem Columbia. Pierce New Deal Pierce Whirlwind Poosh-M-Up 5 Game Streamliner Poosh-M-Up 5 Games in 1 Poosh-M-Up Double Poosh-M-Up Jr. 4-in-1 Game Poosh-M-Up Skor-It Poosh-M-Up Triple Play Postal Advertising Company Cast Iron Postcard Vendor Red Arrow Regina 27 inch Coin-Op music machine Regina Childrens Bank Regina China Cabinet Regina Concerto Regina Grandfather Clock Regina Hexaphone Regina Music Box #1 Regina Music Box #2 Regina Music Box (several photos with video) Regina Music Box (another fine example with video) Regina Music Box and Pepsin Gum Dispenser Regina Music Box and Pepsin Gum Dispenser Regina Music Box with Clock Reliance Standard Rex Rock-Ola Four Aces Gumball Rock-Ola Four Aces Rock-Ola Official Sweepstakes Rock-Ola Radio Wizard Rock-Ola Standard 20 Rock-Ola 3 Jacks Rock-Ola/Mills Front OK Jackpot Vendor Rockola Ten Strike Rockola Master 20 Rocket Shot Rockola 5 reel Draw Poker Royal Trader Schall Star Seeburg 100R Seeburg L100 Seeburg Chicken Sam Seeburg Classic Seeburg Dog Race Seeburg Grand National Seeburg Jr. Seeburg Model G Orchestrion. Seeburg Model H Orchestrion. Seeburg P-147 Seeburg Style C Nickelodeon Seeburg Model KT Nickelodeon Set-Shot Basketball Game Sharp's Shooter Silver King Operators Silver King Sittman & Pitt Poker Trade Stimulator Six Horsemen Horserace Game Skill Ball Standard Windmill (Coin Flip) Stollwerck Chocolate confection vending machine Super Gold Star Superior Cigarette Vendor Console Superior Golf Ball Vendor Console Superior Races Symphonion Musik Automaf Three Jacks Token Puncher Trap-Em-Alive Tripl Jax Twenty One Vender United Laguna Puck Bowler --> Playfield --> Back Glass United Grand Prix United Nugget (Bowler) United Pinch Hitter United Super Bonus Puck Bowler Universal Grip Counter Athletic Machine Unusual Grand Father Clock Vendet Midget Victor National Watling 5 pull Watling Baby Lincoln Watling Bird of Paradise Watling Brownie Watling Checkerboard Watling Cherry Front Watling Coin Front Watling Console Bell Watling Cupid Watling Derby Watling Diamond Bell Watling Exchange Watling Gold Award Rol-A-Top Watling Lincoln Delux Watling OK Deluxe Watling Owl Watling Rol-A-Top Watling Rol-A-Top Console Watling Treasury Watling Twin Jackpot Ball Gum Vendor Western Equipment & Supply Fling High Western Mysterious Eye Western Oomph Lung Tester Western Novelty "Honest John" Western Novelty Mysterious Eye Whirl Pool Whirl Wind Whistlers Whitely Seven Grand Dice machine. Wild West Wizard Clock Wurlitzer Model 51 Wurlitzer 700 Wurlitzer 71 Wurlitzer 780 Wurlitzer 780 Wurlitzer 81 Wurlitzer 850 Wurlitzer 950 Wurlitzer 950 Victory Wurlitzer 1080 Wurlitzer 1100 Wurlitzer Model BX Orchestrion Wurlitzer P12 Wurlitzer Model 41

This CD is OUT OF PRINT and is no longer available






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